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African parliament's residences from Turkey

Updated: Jan 9

An agreement was reached for 660 Luxury Parliament Residences in Yaounde, the Capital of Cameroon, and a total of 10,000 Social Housing Projects for government employees in 8 different regions.

The delegation, which went to Cameroon under the leadership of Öztürk Holding Chairman Yusuf Öztürk, met with the Minister of Environment and Urbanization, Madame Jean Claude Mbwentchou, to sign. The budget of the project, which has been in negotiations for more than a year, is worth 1,183,000,000 dollars (one billion one hundred eighty-three million dollars). The most important feature of the projects to be carried out is that it will be the first collective "SOCIAL HOUSING" project in African countries.

In Yaounde, the Capital of Cameroon, 660 Luxury Parliament Residences and 10,000 Social Housing Projects for government employees in 8 different regions were designed on a turnkey basis, divided into categories on a total of 10 different lands. Within the project lands; It was planned as a mid-scale city with schools, hospitals, shopping areas, police stations and sports complexes. While each of the 660 residences designed for parliamentarians will be 550m² in size, the size of the 10,000 residences designed for state employees will be 115m². The total delivery time of the project is planned to be 60 months.


Öztürk Holding Chairman of the Board of Directors Yusuf ÖZTÜRK: "We have received all land and site deliveries regarding our housing project in Yaounde, the capital of Cameroon, the pearl of Central Africa. Ground surveys on the lands are about to be completed... All detailed projects, application projects have been approved and the construction phase of the projects has begun. We carried out the necessary inspections in detail by our engineer staff and completed the infrastructure works. As Öztürk, we are happy and proud to implement Yaounde's first social housing project. While these projects we have carried out with Africa have caused our flag to fly in the international arena, they have also contributed to our economy and the construction industry. It makes serious contributions. Since there is no production in African countries, we will supply all the materials and equipment to be used from Turkey. Therefore, we will introduce the manufacturers of the products used in housing construction in our country to the African market within the scope of this project. We can also say that we will gain a great momentum in terms of workforce. All the white-collar personnel we worked with during the project's development to this stage are from Turkey. "We will need more white-collar personnel in the later stages of the project, which will continue rapidly, and our preference will be for experts trained in our country," he said.

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