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We do not see anyone in Turkey as a rival

Updated: Jan 9

Skyreporter/Exclusive Interview

Yusuf Öztürk, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Öztürk Holding, whose star shone in Africa, was ranked as one of the most successful contracting companies in the world by ENR in 2015 and continues to grow, made open, honest and sincere statements to Skyreporter Magazine. Excerpts from the extensive interview with Yusuf Öztürk, who spends most of the year shuttling between Africa and Asia:

Does Öztürk Holding continue to grow?

There can never be a pause or regression, and I will try to explain why with the different business model we apply. However, I can say the following about growth; I can say that we have now switched to a horizontal growth model rather than a vertical growth model, that is, we are more firmly rooted and growing with company partnerships and strong collaborations.

What we do is basically financial modelling. This is the main feature that distinguishes us from others. Unfortunately, the language understood by the contractors in Turkey is as follows; money in, work in, no money out, no work in! We have never worked like this, we model the financing ourselves in the works we enter into. We work like Bechtel of the USA or Samsung of South Korea... In other words, we take the job, we model the financing with the Finance and Central Banks, then we give the job to a third party. We do not waste time in construction, we plan the project, modelling the financing, finding the local bank, solving the management problem, this process takes about 1 year. Thus, we bring added value to the States. Our motto as Öztürk Holding is; if there is a tender, we are out! If permission is granted to establish the infrastructure that will provide financing, there is no business that Öztürk cannot enter and no project that it cannot overcome. In Africa, whoever blows the whistle rules!

Source: skyreporter-editor - 2 January 2020

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